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Super Spectrometer

Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers are for various measurements of UV/VIS/NIR full wavelength and the most advanced spectrometer in the world

Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers are the advanced spectrometer in the world.
Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers are the advanced spectrometer in the world.

Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers have the features of a small size, portability, anti-seismic, fast measurement speed, low calibration demand, and flexible system establishment, etc. and have been widely used in a variety of industries to provide completed information of full spectrum application.

With exclusive (DTE) technology and integration of optical, mechanical, software, hardware and firmware developed a small size, anti-seismic, very low spectral temperature drift of optical fiber spectrometer, belongs to a grating spectrometer with "0" thermal expansion coefficient of grating, dual wavelength gratings for choice and ultra-wide solution width of up to 180nm ~ 1100nm which is the most advanced spectrometer in the world.

The wavelength range can be between 180nm ~ 1700nm, spectral resolution (FWHM) up to 0.1nm, stray light ratio < 0.01%, high SNR (= 500), wavelength accuracy <0.1nm.

Four series about super spectrometer

● Rainbow series - Multi-Functional Module.
● Aurora series - Temperature Controlling Module.
● Volcano series - Near-Infra Region Module.
● Lightning series - Wireless Module.

super spectrometer Features

The sizes of all our Super Spectrometers are only 11cmx8.6cmx3.2cm, with the function of continuous high-speed exposure. All spectral values can be calculated directly by the super spectrometer to complete without external computer (computer). Can be used with Wi-Fi module as a wireless spectrometer.

With characteristics of high luminous flux, UV-Visible-Near infrared full band High sensitivity, short exposure time, our spectrometers can be applied to a variety of industrial applications, either for the laboratory of high-end spectral equipment, or for the production line of quality control, sorting, monitoring Equipment. Also, they are extra small as to be portable spectrum instrument and analysis equipment.

They can be used in vibrating environment and large temperature changed environment (temperature range from -10 ° C to 50 ° C; 0.02nm / ° C) and breakout the limitations of the past spectrometer application and being successful to be used in outside the laboratory. At the same time, they have the advantages of low calibration needs, low maintenance costs without frequent correction, low maintenance costs, customization and flexibility etc.

super spectrometer Application

Application areas:

  • Can be widely used in LED, photoelectric, color, dyeing, electroplating, biomedical, environmental monitoring, academic research, metallurgy, geology, petroleum chemical industry, medicine and health, environmental protection etc….precise spectrum measurement and related application resolutions. We provide the spectral measurement and application of wavelength range from 180nm to 1700nm.
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