Portable Lighting Detection Instrument (HSM)


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Portable Lighting Detection Instrument (HSM)

HSM-01, HSM-02, HSM-21

Rainbow-Light launches protable LED Light Measuring Instrument for lighting cource spectral measurement products, manufactured by Microelectromechanical Technology, is different from tranditional spectrometer with complicated optical components. MEMS Micro-spectrometer (RLS) is using the manufacturing procedure of "concave grating" replaced with traditional spectrometer consisted of collimating mirror, flat grating and focusing mirror as to has the features of anti-shocking, low calibration demands, cost-effective, extra small size, portable and so on.

Operation easily, Extra small size of portable spectral meter

Handheld LED tester (HSM) measurement method is very convenient, USB connected to the computer, the tablet can be used directly, with a dedicated handheld software to display real-time measurement data. And equipped with a small integrating sphere, the light absorption area of 180 degrees, without having to rely on optical fiber, aligned light source can be measured. The principle is simple, so the volume can be smaller, better seismicity, suitable for carrying use is not confined to the laboratory. At the same time without the need for frequent correction, low maintenance costs, flexible customization, easy integration with all types of equipment and so on. Handheld LED tester (HSM) spectral deviation within plus or minus 0.1 nm, the stability of the test data also fell within four ten thousandths of the level, and adapt to a variety of environmental operations.

Handheld LED tester applications

Hand-held LED spectrometer spectrometer a very wide range of applications, optical detection equipment, environmental monitoring systems, color detection management, biomedical measurement and use of niche market spectrum analysis applications (gem identification, criminal identification, sweetness detection, Screen color correction, national defense industry, counterfeit wine testing, etc.), you can use the palm Light Rainbow-Light spectrometer to help you solve the problem.

Handheld LED tester advantages and features

  • Ultra-small size, handheld portable applications.
  • High sensitivity, high resolution, low stray light.
  • Excellent temperature and humidity, vibration, impact stability and very low temperature drift.
  • USB interface, direct connection to the computer does not require additional power.
  • Has a "continuous high-speed exposure" function.
  • Spectral wavelength can cover 300 nm ~ 1100 nm, the range of UV-VIS-NIR can be applied. Users can set the wavelength range of observation.
  • Configure full spectrum measurement and penetration, absorption, reflection, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the application of operating software.
  • Automatically read the spectrometer wavelength correction factor.
  • Programmable Microcontroller with Modular Design Connects an unlimited number of spectrometers simultaneously.
  • Large custom flexibility.

Can measure various spectral parameters

  • Peak wavelength / (Peak wavelength)
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color coordinates (x, y) / Chromaticity coordinates (x, y)
  • Relative color temperature (CCT) / Correlated color temperature (CCT)
  • Purity / purity
  • Half-width wavelength / (FWHM)
  • Center wavelength
  • Centroid wavelength / Centroid wavelength
  • Color Index / CRI
  • Luminous flux / Lumen
  • Light intensity / cd
  • CRI (R1 ~ R15)
  • DUV value
  • Color tolerance SDCM
  • Light intensity
  • Light Quantum Flux (PPF)
  • Radiation Intensity / Radiation Power
  • Points BIN / BIN chart

Portable Lighting Detection Instrument (HSM) Specification

Portable Lighting Detection Instrument (HSM)Portable Lighting Detection Instrument (HSM)Portable Lighting Detection Instrument (HSM)
RESOLUTION0.8 - 1.5 nm FWHM4.2 - 5 nm FWHM0.8 - 1.5 nm FWHM
WAVELENGTH RANGE380 - 780 nm、300 - 800 nm、300 - 1100 nm380 - 780 nm380 - 780 nm、300 - 800 nm、300 - 1100 nm
INTEGRATION TIME1 ms - 24 s1 ms - 24 s1 ms - 24 s
POWERDefault USB PowerDefault USB PowerDefault USB Power
DIMENSIONS100(W) x 50(D) x 100(H) mm85(W)x 50(D) x 90(H) mm100(W) x 50(D) x 100(H) mm
WEIGHT310 grams250 grams310 grams
PC OPERATING SYSTEMWindows XP / Windows7 or above / VistaWindows XP / Windows7 or above / VistaWindows XP / Windows7 or above / Vista

Handheld Portable LED Measuring Equipment (HSM) / Operation instructions - Quck understand (HSM) interface and mode of operation.

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