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  • Photoelectric Measurement Related Application - Rainbow-Light Spectrometer is applied to all kinds of photoelectric detection related applications.
    Photoelectric Measurement Related Application

    Optoelectronics Industrial spectrum measured demand is very extensive, such as LED、OLED and other light-emitting diodes on the middle and lower reaches of the light inspection equipment、flat panel display industry-related color gamble testing equipment、solar-related industries photoelectric inspection equipment ... etc..The measuring demands of LED, OLED and other light-emitting diode-related industries are including the Spectrum、 Relative Color Temperature(CCT)、Luminous Flux(Lumen)、Light Intensity(lx)、 Radiation Flux Radiation Power(mW)、Dominant Wavelength(nm)、Center Wavelength(nm)、Centroid Wavelength(nm)、 Color Rendering Index(CRI)(%)、Light Intensity Luminous Intensity(cd)、Color Coordinates (x, y) and Photosynthetic Photon Flux(PPF) 、 BIN chart 、CRI R1~R15 ... and so on. The measuring requirements of flat panel display related industries are usually including transmittance(% T) and reflectivity (% R)、backlit reflectance (% R)、color filter transmittance (% T) and CIE...etc.. The measuring requirements of solar energy related industries are including transmittance of light (% T)、reflectivity (% R) and absorption characteristics ... and so on. Rainbow-Light Spectrometer utilizes Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS) and exclusive Dynamic Thermal Balance (DTE) technology to develop a variety of tiny, anti-seismic, anti-shocking, very low spectral temperature drift spectrometers. We provide a wide range of spectral measurement and application solutions in the range of 180nm to 1700nm. Those solutions are suitable for vibrating、impacting and changing temperature environments (for the range of -10 ° C to 50 ° C; / ° C).Rainbow-Light spectrometer is particularly suitable for portable spectrometer and its measuring application solutions with less calibration demands, low maintenance costs, flexible customization etc.. . Successfully breaking the limitations of spectrometers are confined to using in the laboratory.

  • Color Management - Rainbow-Light color measuring products.
    Color Management

    There are two main categories of color measuring instruments - colorimeter and spectrometer. Generally speaking, in the front of colorimeter have three kinds of filters with the monochrome sensor, and then calculate the chromaticity coordinates so the colorimeter for the accuracy of different spectral measurement of the object is not ideal. Rainbow-Light spectrometer, applied to color measurement、color management, introduce full-spectrum color measurement products by using of complete visible spectrum because spectral data can be presented different shades of light or lighting sources completely and correctly. Because it is the measurement of the whole spectrum, it can measure the reflection. The colorimeter is difficult to do. Rainbow-Light full spectrum color measurement、monitoring product can immediate display L, a, b value, ΔE (Delta E) color, CIE L * a * b *, △ E *, CIE X, CIE Y, CIE 1976 ... and so on and be applied to the textile、 materials、 coating、 printing、dyeing, electroplating, painting ... and fixed color, mixed color and color examined of other industries. In other words, it is suitable for color measurement、 color identification、 color research、color management、 color monitoring、Color control ... and so on.

  • Biotechnology and Medical Science Sensing Measurement - Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers are suitable for in the field of Biotechnology and Medical Science Sensing Measurement.
    Biotechnology and Medical Science Sensing Measurement

    In the application of biotechnology, the use of optical principles of optical / optical chemical sensing, spectrometer spectral analysis of the use of biological fields commonly used methods. The use of optical principles of spectral analysis of medical methods, mainly the use of biological molecules of the self-luminous effect or the use of additional molecules caused by the addition of light effects, so that optical signals, and quantitative optical measurement, the use of spectrometer for spectral analysis Has been obtained from the various optical signals to test, this method is also conducive to the optical microscope to do the test.Therefore, spectral analysis is the optical / optical chemical sensor commonly used detection method, because the spectral analysis for the non-destructive real-time detection technology, and a wide spectrum, free from electrical noise interference, it can simultaneously detect a number of parameters, with fast, Simple, accurate and so on.Biophotonics (Biophotonics) is a new and rapid growth of the field, has become the focus of global biotechnology development projects. Its goal is to use optical technology to detect or manipulate biological reactions, including the mechanism of detection of molecular level mechanism, function and structure. In the medical application, there are cells, tissue research, clinical medicine is a non-invasive way to the human detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease-based. This is a new field of integration of biomedical, biotechnology, optics, electronics, electronics, information, precision machinery, physics and chemistry, in particular the use of spectroscopy for spectroscopic analysis.In the medical practice, the general collection of patients such as: urine, blood, the specimen must be sent to a complete equipment and professional inspection center for testing and testing. The round-trip process takes a lot of time and resource costs, and more likely to cause emergency or timeliness of medical treatment has been delayed. If you can provide real-time measurement, will be a major medical gospel, so tiny, portable, handheld spectrometer spectrum analysis technology is an urgent need for medical practice.Rainbow-Light (Super Spectrometer) has a small, portable, seismic, fast measurement speed, low calibration requirements, the system has the flexibility to build, has been widely used in the biotechnology application of a variety of medical applications Equipment and equipment, to provide complete full spectrum application information.

  • Agriculture Application - Rainbow-Light's spectrometer is applied to plant.
    Agriculture Application

    Spectral application in the field of plants, the sun (or sunshine radiation) light quality (spectrum) to reach the ground part of the light is visible and near infrared light and a small amount of ultraviolet light, in the use of plant light energy, only visible light can Converted to the energy required to stimulate photosynthesis.Light into the plant body, will produce reflection, penetration and absorption and so on. The relationship between crop growth and environmental sympathetic relationship can be assessed by analyzing, judging and distinguishing the characteristics of crop spectrum by measuring the reflection, penetration or absorption spectra of different bands by using the spectrometer. At the same time, the use of this feature, will be able to establish a specific spectrum of various crops, agricultural crop species to determine the great help. Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) has been widely used in agriculture and feedstuffs. In recent years, NIRS has been used in agricultural research, such as NIRS rapid estimation of amino acid composition in maize, Time will be substantially reduced, the purpose of rapid quality control.In order to determine the internal quality of fruit such as texture, sugar content, acidity, amino acid and vitamins and other ingredients must be analyzed using a spectrometer. The quality of the fruit, such as texture, sugar, acidity, amino acids and vitamins. So the spectrometer can fully meet the needs applied to fast, non-destructive online testing. At present, although the fruit non-destructive online detection application system, but the general price is too high and convenience is limited. So if the introduction of palm light Rainbow-Light micro-spectrum detection technology, will be the gospel of producers and consumers.Palm light Rainbow-Light will be used in plant lighting technology, intelligent lighting, the use of LED light source, used in plant lighting, agricultural lighting has a very good play, can achieve plant growth cycle all-optical domain, full spectrum automatic dimming, fill light , So that according to the growth cycle of different plants, remote, closed, the whole process of intelligent monitoring and operation, to achieve agricultural automation, wisdom.

  • The Related Application of Environment Measurement - Rainbow-Light Spectral Technology is applied to the concept of  Water Quality Real - Time Monitoring.
    The Related Application of Environment Measurement

    At present, the world's major environmental problems, countries will take a more effective monitoring and management approach to address the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems. Most of the existing environmental monitoring systems adopt the collection methods of fixed sampling, which can not fully and effectively monitor the emission of pollution sources and the dynamic situation that spreads or flows over time. If the low-cost micro-spectrum analysis device combined with (wireless) network, will be able to become the best environmental quality monitoring network system program and can also be used in industrial gases, water control, safety and safety equipment. Rainbow-Light real-time monitoring spectrometer real-time integrates induction, controlling systems and Internet of things through the analysis of the large data obtained by the monitoring for all kinds of lights, colors, water quality, liquid and so on other real-time monitoring of the environment, So that detection and monitoring optimization, automation, effectively reduce the excess costs and waste, and to achieve the purpose of real-time information. Rainbow-Light real-time monitoring system is appropriate for the real-time monitoring of light source, water quality, liquid, color real-time monitoring system, for a variety of environmental monitoring, including agriculture, environmental pollution and ecological monitoring, through which we can quickly and extensively monitor the environment and use wireless sensor technology to carry out information detection and collection of natural environment, such as monitoring the growth environment of agricultural products, environmental pollution The monitoring or control ... and so on. Rainbow-Light can also assist in the establishment of the Spectrum Analysis Information Monitoring Center, connect with the spectrum monitoring stations around the world, automatically transmit the latest monitoring data immediately after the data collection and transmission, and prepare the report, real-time data analysis and provide the implementers Decision making, so you can monitor the situation anytime, anywhere through the smart device.Apply to: Real time monitoring system of Environment, lighting source, Water quality, Intelligent LED illumination, Smart plant growth etc.

  • Application of Material Identification - Rainbow-Light material identification technology for materials, textiles and plastics.
    Application of Material Identification

    Rainbow-Light has a team devoted to the development of spectral analysis and application for more than 10 years of experience. Recently, we expanded into different fields of materials identification through the infrared spectroscopy identification technology. We accepted commissions from the industries, academics, research units to customize the relevant materials identification equipment. Since our inception, we always adhere to resolve problems by innovation and continue to pursuit of excellence. Our world has a wonderful phenomenon. That is, all the different substances on the light response will not be the same, so in the visible world we see a variety of different colors of the material. All the more so, different color materials on the invisible light response are more different. Therefore, using spectrum analyze materials、 substances、 elements、 compounds… etc., is a very practical technology. Spectral qualitative analysis is mainly to identify and identify what elements of material composition. Spectral quantitative analysis is the measurement of the content of the relevant components in the material. Qualitative analysis is to compare the IR spectra of each substance, quantitative analysis through the Beier-law (Beer-Lambert) to calculate the amount of how much. Rainbow-Light material identification technology is the use of spectral qualitative, quantitative analysis technology, with an exclusive spectral fingerprint identification technology, more accurate identification of all kinds of materials for plastic materials identification, textile material identification, a variety of polymer materials, composite materials Identification and identification of various materials authenticity.

  • Industry 4.0 Monitor Related Applications - Rainbow-Light applies spectrum monitoring technology to the concept of Industry 4.0.
    Industry 4.0 Monitor Related Applications

    Industrial 4.0 (Productivity 4.0), which is based on the integration of sensing, control systems and networking, constructs sensory new intelligent factories and reduce excess costs and waste..etc by using the analysis of large amount of data.Rainbow-Light's spectrometer can be applied to real-time monitoring of all kinds of light sources, color, water, liquid material accomplish the integration of sensor, controlling system and internet of things and obtain large amount of data to optimize the process、automation and reduce excess costs and waste effectively.Rainbow-Light's real-time monitoring system for light sources / water / liquid materials / color is not only for the application of industry 4.0 is not only for the front-end monitoring of industrial 4.0, but also for a variety of environmental monitoring, including agriculture / environmental pollution and ecological monitoring. Through the above technologies, we can quickly and extensively monitor the environment and use wireless sensor technology to carry out information detection and collec nature environmen, such as to environment and use wireless sensor technology to carry out information detection and collection of natural environment, such as monitoring the growth environment of agricultural products, environmental pollution The monitoring or control... and so on.Rainbow-Light can also assist in the establishment of the Spectrum Analysis Information Monitoring Center and connect with the spectrum monitoring stations around the world to transmit automatically the latest monitoring data immediately after the data collection and transmission, and prepare the report, real-time data analysis and provide the implementers Decision making. Use Spectrum Monitoring Technology in the concept of "Industry 4.0" to synchronize plant dynamics with your office, enabling you to monitor your situation, monitor problems, and instantly, and save you a lot of money at any time.

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