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UV Spectrophotometer | Spectrum Analyzer Manufacturers - Rainbow-Light

Located in Taiwan, Rainbow-Light is one of the prime spectrophotometer and spectrum analyzer manufacturers since 2012.

In optical measuring instruments industry, Rainbow-Light's portable spectrophotometer is small, anti-vibration, low temperature and has high performance, spectrophotometer products including UV spectrometers, ir spectrometers, visible spectrometers, fiber spectrometers.

As for spectrum analyzer, it is designed for lighting source measuring, transmittance measuring, absorptance measuring, reflectance rate measuring, color measuring, which is suitable for are suitable for using in vibrating environments, prone environments and temperature-changing environments (temperature range -10°C to 50°C)

Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Rainbow-Light ensures meet each customer's demands are met.


Product Classification

Product Classification
Rainbow-Light Spectrometer, light source, transmittance, absorbance, reflectance, color, real-time monitoring, customization, test service

Rainbow-Light spectrometer has the features of extra small, anti-vibration, anti-shock, extremely low temperature drift thru integration of optotronics, constructions, software, hardware and firmware by Microelectromechanical technology「MEMS」and exclusive Dynamic Thermal Equilibrium「DTE」technology, belongs to a kind of grating spectrometer.

We provide all kinds of solution for spectrum measurement and application for wavelength 180nm ~ 1700nm and can be applied to the environment of vibration and shock, temperature change (range -10°C ~ 50°C; 0.02nm/°C), particularly for portable spectrometer and related applications and are different from the limitation of usage in out of Labotary and have the advantages of low calibration demands, low maintanence costs, customization flexibility and so on.

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Spectrometer - Rainbow-Light Spectrometer is a kind of grating spectrometer.


Visible Spectrometer, Infrared Spectrometer, UV Spectrometer, Grating Spectrometer, Fiber Spectrometer

Absorptance Measuring Products - Rainbow-Light Portable、Desktop Absorbance Rate Measuring Products.

Absorptance Measuring Products

Provide Absorbance inspection, Absorbance measurement, Absorbance analysis, Radiation absorbance measurement, Molar extinction coefficient, Mass extinction coefficient measurement and Decay extinction coefficient measurement


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