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Located in Taiwan, Rainbow-Light is one of the prime Lighting Source Measuring Products | spectrum analyzer manufacturers along with spectrophotometer since 2012.

In optical measuring instruments industry, Rainbow-Light's portable spectrophotometer is small, anti-vibration, low temperature and has high performance, spectrophotometer products including UV spectrometers, ir spectrometers, visible spectrometers, fiber spectrometers.

As for spectrum analyzer, it is designed for lighting source measuring, transmittance measuring, absorptance measuring, reflectance rate measuring, color measuring, which is suitable for are suitable for using in vibrating environments, prone environments and temperature-changing environments (temperature range -10°C to 50°C)

Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Rainbow-Light ensures meet each customer's demands are met.

Lighting Source Measuring Products

Rainbow-Light Spectrometer, Hand-Held Spectrometer, Portable Spectrometer, Spectrophotocopy

Rainbow-Light Spectrometer is a kind of hand-held, Portable Spectral Measuring Product.
Rainbow-Light Spectrometer is a kind of hand-held, Portable Spectral Measuring Product.

Rainbow-Light light source spectral measuring products mainly provide the solutions of handheld and portable spectral measurement

All lighting source measuring products provide complete spectra、 the relative color temperature(CCT) 、 luminous flux (Lumen、 Lux、 Radiation Power (mW) 、 radiation flux、 Dominant wavelength (nm), FWHM (nm), Center wavelength (NM), Centroid wavelength (nm), color rendering index CRI (%), Luminous Intensity (CD), color coordinates (x, y) and photosynthetic Photon Flux(PPF), BIN chart, CRI map R1~R15... etc. of all the results of spectral correlation calculation.

exclusivel MEMS spectrm technology

Customers can measure various lighting sources conveniently by Rainbow-Light spectrometer with a friendly operation interface and instant visible testing results. Utilizing “Micro Electro Mechanical System(MEMS)” and exclusive “Dynamic Thermal Equilibrium(DTE)”technologies, Rainbow-Light spectrometers are with high accuracy(spectral deviation in +/-0.1nm, measuring difference<0.3%) and high stability(repeated measurement error<0.04) and measure fast anytime and anywhere.

180nm ~ 1700 nm visible light ultraviolet light near-infrared

Application areas:

  • Applications of natural spectral measurements, such as solar spectral measurements, environmental spectral measurements, ultraviolet and near-infrared analyses, etc.
  • All kinds of lighting products or lighting environment measurement: such as LED related product measurement, street lamp measurement, factory and office environment lighting measurement, etc.
  • Measurement of optical process industry, such as semiconductor process or UV/IR baking, curing process, etc.
  • The special light source measurement: such as checking lamp, lamp, flashlight lamp, mosquito lamp, fishing light, Manicure lamp, germicidal lamp, Surgical lamps etc. ..
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