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Located in Taiwan, Rainbow-Light is one of the prime MEMS Micro Spectrometer (RLS) | spectrum analyzer manufacturers along with spectrophotometer since 2012.

In optical measuring instruments industry, Rainbow-Light's portable spectrophotometer is small, anti-vibration, low temperature and has high performance, spectrophotometer products including UV spectrometers, ir spectrometers, visible spectrometers, fiber spectrometers.

As for spectrum analyzer, it is designed for lighting source measuring, transmittance measuring, absorptance measuring, reflectance rate measuring, color measuring, which is suitable for are suitable for using in vibrating environments, prone environments and temperature-changing environments (temperature range -10°C to 50°C)

Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Rainbow-Light ensures meet each customer's demands are met.

MEMS Micro Spectrometer (RLS)


Rainbow-Light Micro Spectrometer (RLS) is a kind of micro electromechanical system(MEMS) spectrometer.
Rainbow-Light Micro Spectrometer (RLS) is a kind of micro electromechanical system(MEMS) spectrometer.

Rainbow-Light optical fiber Micro Spectrometer has the advantages of small size, portability, anti-shocking, anti-vibration, fast measuring speed, low costs, low calibration demands, flexible system construction and so on and been applied to a variety of industries widely and provides complete spectrum-related information, too.

Rainbow-Light developed micro spectrometers by using Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) and Dynamic Thermal Equilibrium (DTE) technologies and the integration of software, hardware and firmware. They are small, anti-seismic, anti-shocking, low temperature drift spectra and are a kind of concave grating spectrometer.

The wavelength range is between 200nm ~ 1100nm, spectral resolution = 0.8 ~ 5nm, wavelength accuracy < 0.1nm. It has the characteristics of high luminous flux, fast spectral response for the wavelength of visible light and short exposure time etc. for various industries in different applications. A micro-type, hand-held, portable spectrum measurement and analysis equipment, which can be easily used in the experimental instrument tool.

MEMS spectrometer application

Be widely used in LED, optoelectronics, color, dyeing and finishing, electroplating, biological medicine, environmental monitoring, academic research, metallurgy, geology, petroleum, medical and pharmaceutical, health, environmental protection and other fields.

MEMS spectrometer Features and application

We offer a variety of measuring applications and resolutions for the spectral wavelength range from 200nm to 1100nm.
They can be used in vibrating environment and large temperature changed environment (temperature range from -10 ° C to 50 ° C; 0.02nm / ° C), especially for portable hand-held spectrometer and the related applications of them. They can be used in outdoor or any places needed. At the same time, they have the advantages of low calibration demands, low maintenance costs, flexible customization etc.

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