Spectrometer Relevant Testing Service


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Spectrometer Relevant Testing Service

The main testing services include various lighting sources, transmittance, reflectance, absorbance, color and LED or illumination optical measurement

Rainbow-Light LED testing services LAB.
Rainbow-Light LED testing services LAB.

Rainbow-Light’s R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities of spectrometer and spectrum-related measuring applications has been affirmed. Rainbow-Light has set up a number of laboratories, detection instruments and provides testing service by strict inspection procedures and testing service report..

Welcome your query on test service by e-mail or phone call. Rainbow-Light will provide you with the most suitable services and the most efficient way to solve your problem.

Testing service

The main testing services include various lighting source spectral measurement, transmittance measurement, reflectance measurement, absorbance rate and absorption measurement, color measurement and a variety of LED or illumination optical measurement.

Testing service items: such as light decay test, luminous flux test, transmittance rate, spectral test, goniophotometer test, fluorescent reaction test, the absorbance rate test, DNA protein concentration test, methanol ethanol test, metal surface and film treatment test, the reflectance test ... and so on.

Testing ITEM

Application areas:

  • light decay
  • flux/lumen,
  • transmittance rate,
  • spectrum
  • light distribution curve, fluorescent reaction tests, absorption tests, DNA protein concentration tests, identification of methanol and ethanol, surface treatment of metal, film, reflectance rat
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