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Visible Spectrometer, Infrared Spectrometer, UV Spectrometer, Grating Spectrometer, Fiber Spectrometer

Rainbow-Light Spectrometer is a kind of grating spectrometer.
Rainbow-Light Spectrometer is a kind of grating spectrometer.

Spectrometer analyse various lighting sources into spectrum. Spectral Analyzer consists of various mirrors, grating and CCD Optical Sensor.
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Spectrometer in addition to the analysis of a variety of light spectrum, the use of "different substances on the light reaction will be different" optical principle, it is the material structure and composition of observation, analysis and processing of basic equipment, with high precision, Large, fast and the use of small sample and so on. Widely used in LED, optoelectronics, color, dyeing and finishing, electroplating, health, environmental monitoring, academic research, metallurgy, geology, petrochemical, medicine and health, environmental protection and so on. It is also essential for military reconnaissance, exploration of the universe, resources and hydrological surveys.

exclusivel spectrm technology

Spectrometer belongs to one of the most accurate spectroscopy. There are many types of spectrometers, in addition to visible spectrometer, there are infrared spectrometer and UV spectrometer. According to the different components of the prism is divided into prism spectrometer, grating spectrometer and interference spectrometer.

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The Rainbow-Light Spectrometer utilizes "MEMS MEMS" and exclusive "Dynamic Thermal Balance (DTE)" technology to develop all kinds of tiny, earthquake-resistant and drop-resistant devices through the integration of optics, institutions, software, hardware and firmware. , Very low spectral temperature drift of the spectrometer, belonging to a grating spectrometer.

Spectrometer Features

We offer a wide range of spectrum measurement and application solutions in the spectral wavelength range of 180nm to 1700nm. It is suitable for environments with vibrating environment, easy to fall environment and temperature change (for temperature range -10°C to 50°C; / °C), especially for portable and handheld spectrometers and their applications. Breaking the limitations of the past spectrometer application, the success of the spectrometer and its application products out of the laboratory, at the same time without frequent correction, low maintenance costs, customization and other advantages of flexibility.

  • MEMS Micro Spectrometer (RLS) - Rainbow-Light Micro Spectrometer (RLS) is a kind of micro electromechanical system(MEMS) spectrometer.
    MEMS Micro Spectrometer (RLS)

    Rainbow-Light optical fiber Micro Spectrometer has the advantages of small size, portability, anti-shocking, anti-vibration, fast measuring speed, low costs, low calibration demands, flexible system construction and so on and been applied to a variety of industries widely and provides complete spectrum-related information, too.Rainbow-Light developed micro spectrometers by using Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) and Dynamic Thermal Equilibrium (DTE) technologies and the integration of software, hardware and firmware. They are small, anti-seismic, anti-shocking, low temperature drift spectra and are a kind of concave grating spectrometer.The wavelength range is between 200nm ~ 1100nm, spectral resolution = 0.8 ~ 5nm, wavelength accuracy < 0.1nm. It has the characteristics of high luminous flux, fast spectral response for the wavelength of visible light and short exposure time etc. for various industries in different applications. A micro-type, hand-held, portable spectrum measurement and analysis equipment, which can be easily used in the experimental instrument tool.

  • Super Spectrometer - Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers are the advanced spectrometer in the world.
    Super Spectrometer
    Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers are for various measurements of UV/VIS/NIR full wavelength and the most advanced spectrometer in the world

    Rainbow-Light Super Spectrometers have the features of a small size, portability, anti-seismic, fast measurement speed, low calibration demand, and flexible system establishment, etc. and have been widely used in a variety of industries to provide completed information of full spectrum application.With exclusive (DTE) technology and integration of optical, mechanical, software, hardware and firmware developed a small size, anti-seismic, very low spectral temperature drift of optical fiber spectrometer, belongs to a grating spectrometer with "0" thermal expansion coefficient of grating, dual wavelength gratings for choice and ultra-wide solution width of up to 180nm ~ 1100nm which is the most advanced spectrometer in the world.The wavelength range can be between 180nm ~ 1700nm, spectral resolution (FWHM) up to 0.1nm, stray light ratio < 0.01%, high SNR (= 500), wavelength accuracy <0.1nm.