Color Quality Scale (CQS)


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Rainbow-Light Color Quality Scale (CQS) Introduction

Rainbow-Light is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Optical measuring instrument appliance industry. Rainbow-Light has been offering our customers high quality Spectrometer, UV spectrometer, Infrared Spectrometer, Visible Spectrometer, Fiber Spectrometer, Integrating Sphere, Goniophotometer, Color Measurement, Absorbance Spectrometer, Transmittance Spectrometer, Reflectance Rate Spectrometer, Material Identified Instrument since 2012. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Rainbow-Light always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Color Quality Scale (CQS)

Color Quality Scale (CQS)

CQS is the abbreviation of Color Quality Scale. It is similar to Color Rendering Index CRI. Both of them are used to evaluate the fidelity of colors. The difference is that the selected color blocks are different, but the formulas of them are very similar. CQS is being developed at NIST, which evaluates a few aspects of the color quality of samples illuminated by light source. The results obtained is similar to Ra. CQS has improved many problems of Color Rendering Index CRI, including consideration of the object color displacement direction. So the value of CQS can accord with the visual evaluation of light source, and can give accurate numerical fidelity to any light source. That is to say all of the light source, the value of CQS can indicate the products of full color quality.

FAQ-Color Quality Scale (CQS)

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