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Located in Taiwan, Rainbow-Light is one of the prime spectrophotometer and spectrum analyzer manufacturers since 2012.

In optical measuring instruments industry, Rainbow-Light's portable spectrophotometer is small, anti-vibration, low temperature and has high performance, spectrophotometer products including UV spectrometers, ir spectrometers, visible spectrometers, fiber spectrometers.

As for spectrum analyzer, it is designed for lighting source measuring, transmittance measuring, absorptance measuring, reflectance rate measuring, color measuring, which is suitable for are suitable for using in vibrating environments, prone environments and temperature-changing environments (temperature range -10°C to 50°C)

Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Rainbow-Light ensures meet each customer's demands are met.


Rainbow-Light Inspection, Calibration Equipment
Rainbow-Light Inspection, Calibration Equipment

Rainbow-Light is an excellent manufacturer of spectrometer and relevant application equipment.Do the test light palm Rainbow-Light spectrometer product factory, according to verify the correction is a national laboratory standard light source, can be traced back to the national laboratory quality and precision, all products of our factory, for you to a standard light source, optical fiber, the integrating sphere and other peripheral equipment and special software of spectrum correction.

In the light of Rainbow-Light calibration laboratory equipped with all kinds of spectrum correction required equipment such as a standard light source, spectrometer, Aluminum Alloy integral ball, optical fiber, light source, power supply (AC / DC) and special software.

In the light of the factory all Rainbow-Light spectrometer and related equipment of measuring value compared with the National Laboratory, can error less than 0.3%.