Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display


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Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display


Rainbow-Light launches Portable Lighting Measuring Equipment with Display, manufactured by Microelectromechanical Technology as to has the features of small size, anti-vibration, anti-shocking and portable. Due to excellent and stable quality and low calibration demands, that can save lot of money in repair or correction.

Touch Screen Spectrometer - Intuitive operation for instant rendering of measurement maps

The Handheld Light Meter (MR-16) measures all visible light sources and intuitively captures touch and screen real-time measurements with a wide range of measurement data values while offering a variety of specifications for easy quanta of light (PPF) Or LED BINS measurement.

Handheld light measuring instrument advantages and features

  • Ultra-small size, hand-held portable.
  • Low calibration requirements and low maintenance costs.
  • High optical resolution.
  • Seismic shock resistance.
  • High stability.
  • Can be combined with various software.
  • Touch screen intuitive operation.
  • Real-time measurement maps.

Provide a complete spectrum and the value of the light measurement

  • Peak wavelength
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color coordinates (x, y) / Chromaticity coordinates (x, y)
  • Relative color temperature (CCT) / Correlated color temperature (CCT)
  • Purity
  • Half-width wavelength / (FWHM)
  • Center wavelength
  • Centroid wavelength
  • Color Index / CRI
  • Luminous flux / Lumen
  • Light intensity / cd
  • CRI (R1 ~ R15)
  • DUV value
  • Color tolerance SDCM
  • Light intensity
  • Light Quantum Flux (PPF)
  • Radiation Intensity / Radiation Power
  • Points BIN / BIN chart
Model numberMR-16 / MR-16-PPF / MR-16-BINS
Resolution4.2 - 5 nm FWHM
Wavelength Range380 - 780 nm
Signal-to-noise Range0.3%
Spectral deviation0.12%
Integration Time1 ms - 24 s
Input Fiber ConnectorSMA905
Storage MediaMicro SD
PowerRechargeable Li-ion Battery
Dimensions149 (W) x 50 (D) x 127 (H) mm
Weight630 g
Model Number
Spectrum testing
Light measurment
LED Bins  
CIE 1931
CIE 1976
Spectrum analyzing
Distance calibration
Illuminance calibration
Luminous flux calibration 
PPF calibration  

Portable Light Measuring Instrument with display (MR-16) / Operation instructions - Quck understand (MR-16) interface and modes of operation.

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