Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display


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Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display | UV Spectrophotometer | Spectrum Analyzer Manufacturers - Rainbow-Light

Located in Taiwan, Rainbow-Light Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the prime Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display | spectrum analyzer manufacturers along with spectrophotometer since 2012.

In optical measuring instruments industry, Rainbow-Light's portable spectrophotometer is small, anti-vibration, low temperature and has high performance, spectrophotometer products including UV spectrometers, ir spectrometers, visible spectrometers, fiber spectrometers.

As for spectrum analyzer, it is designed for lighting source measuring, transmittance measuring, absorptance measuring, reflectance rate measuring, color measuring, which is suitable for are suitable for using in vibrating environments, prone environments and temperature-changing environments (temperature range -10°C to 50°C)

Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Rainbow-Light ensures meet each customer's demands are met.

Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display


In the light of Rainbow-Light, according to the spectral measurement products, launched handheld measuring instrument of light (MR-16), MEMS in MEMS manufacturing technology, has small volume, seismic resistance and portability. The hand-held light detector (MR-16) with excellent stability, correction of low demand every year can save a lot of expensive correction costs.

Portable light measuring instrument (MR-16) adopts CCD sensor, and is based on MEMS micro spectrometer. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, high stability, easy integration with all kinds of hardware and software, and provides a wide range of applications
It can be measured for all visible light sources, through intuitive operation of touch screen, real-time measurement atlas and multiple measurement data values, while providing a variety of specifications, such as the quantum number of light (PPF), or LED, BINS measurements
In the light of Rainbow-Light hand-held light measuring instrument (MR-16) can provide a complete spectrum, can provide a complete numerical measurement light as follows:
● Peak wavelength
● Dominant wavelength
● Chromaticity coordinates( x, y)
● Correlated color temperature (CCT)
● Purity
● Center wavelength
● Centroid wavelength
● Lumen
● Intensity(cd)
● CRI(R1~R15)
● Lux
● Radiation Power
● BIN chart

Rainbow-Light Portable Lighting Measuring Instrument with Display(MR-16) can be measured for all kinds of Lighting sources.


  • Extra Small, Portable.
  • Low calibration demand, low maintenance cost.
  • High Resolution.
  • Anti-seismic, anti-shocking.
  • High stability.
  • Can be combined with various software.
  • Operation thru touch panel.
  • Real-time measuring spectrum.


Model numberMR-16 / MR-16-PPF / MR-16-BINS
Resolution4.2 - 5 nm FWHM
Wavelength Range380 - 780 nm
Signal-to-noise Range0.3%
Spectral deviation0.12%
Integration Time1 ms - 24 s
Input Fiber ConnectorSMA905
Storage MediaMicro SD
PowerRechargeable Li-ion Battery
Dimensions14.85 (W) x 9.6 (D) x 3.45 (H) cm
Model Number
Spectrum testing
Light measurment
LED Bins  
CIE 1931
CIE 1976
Spectrum analyzing
Distance calibration
Illuminance calibration
Luminous flux calibration 
PPF calibration  

Portable Light Measuring Instrument with display (MR-16) / Operation instructions - Quck understand (MR-16) interface and modes of operation.

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