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  • Light Flux Integrating Sphere System
    Light Flux Integrating Sphere System
    LSM-05, LSM-06

    Rainbow-Light launched the flux integrating sphere system for the absolute flux parameters for light source spectrum measurement products (LSM-05/06) by using “Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS)” technology, provides small volume, seismic resistance and portability. The flux integral ball system (LSM-05/06) has excellent stability, low correction demands to save a lot of correction costs and a high resolution (0.8~1.5 nm FWHM).The flux integrating sphere system (LSM-05/06) adapts to various environment. Spectral deviation is plus or minus 0.1 nm. Stability testing data also is within 4/10000 of the standard. It adapts to various environments.The flux integrating sphere system (LSM-05/06) consists of spectrometer, integrating sphere, I/O control module and the light source. The function of I/O control module is to open light source while measuring to avoid light too long caused decay phenomenon of inaccurate. I/O control module can also be in accordance with the user needs to control a variety of AC/DC power supply, button, switch, infrared sensors and so on by USB device.

  • Light Flux Integrating Sphere System With Power Supply
    Light Flux Integrating Sphere System With Power Supply
    LSM-01, LSM-02

    Rainbow-Light launched integrating sphere system with AC/DC power supply (LSM-01/02) for lighting sources spectral measurement to provide the detection of LED standard for user to get better quality control.Integrating sphere system (LSM-01, LSM-02) can be combined with AC/DC power supply, integrating sphere, spectrometer, fiber to measure various parameters of lighting sources, such as lumen.

  • Case 2. Desktop Light Flux Integrating Sphere System
    Case 2. Desktop Light Flux Integrating Sphere System

    Rainbow-Light, aiming at customized products, based on luminous flux integrating ball system (LSM-05/06), the customer meets the customer's integral integration ball system mechanism.In the light of Rainbow-Light in application, can be customized to any form of full spectrum transmittance measuring instrument, using microelectromechanical (MEMS) and exclusive "dynamic thermal balance (DTE) technique, the micro spectrometer as the core and made. Spectral deviation of plus or minus 0.1 nm, stability testing data also fell in 0.04% within the standard, and adapt to the environment under the operation, is suitable for vibration environment, environment temperature changes (the applicable temperature range of -10°C ~ 50°C; 0.02nm/°C).The system can be used with custom software to carry out various spectral measurements, applications and analysis.Welcome calls from all walks of life to inquire about the customized service of our products.

Result 1 - 3 of 3