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Rainbow-Light Monitoring Instrument Service Introduction

Rainbow-Light Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Monitoring Instrument supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 2012, in the Optical measuring instrument appliance industry, Rainbow-Light has been offering our customers high quality Monitoring Instrument production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Rainbow-Light always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • LED Luminous Decay Monitoring Instrument (LDM)
    LED Luminous Decay Monitoring Instrument (LDM)
    LDM-01, LDM-02, LDM-21

    At present, LED decay monitoring, whether using luminometer or integral ball system, are limited to the design and principle of the instrument itself on the market, and often the experimental environment and LED job site conditions will have a great gap, resulting in LED decay detection results have great error, LED light attenuation phenomenon for accurate monitoring is not easy. In the light of Rainbow-Light, according to the spectral measurement of product decay phenomenon, the launch of the LED attenuation measurement instrument (LDM), MEMS in MEMS manufacturing technology, has small volume, seismic, durable and portable. LED decay measurement instrument (LDM) with excellent stability, correction of low demand every year can save a lot of expensive the correction cost also has a high resolution (0.8 ~ 1.5 nm FWHM). The measurement method is also very convenient. The USB connects to the computer, and the flat panel can be used directly to display the real-time data. The integral ball is equipped with an integral sphere so that the light collection area is up to 180 degrees, and it can be measured without relying on the optical fiber to the light source LED decay measurement instrument (LDM) spectral deviation of plus or minus 0.1 Naiminei, stability testing data also fell within 4/10000 of the standard, and adapt to various environments. LED decay measurement instrument (LDM) energy measuring and monitoring the whole spectrum, light intensity (Luminous, Intensity) (Lumen decay), a relatively light color temperature (CCT), color rendering (CRI), (illuminance) the actual illumination light source changes with time of the precise relationship value. In the light of Rainbow-Light LED decay measurement instrument (LDM), in addition to ease of measurement and monitoring of various LED related products, very suitable for various light source changes with time of the precise relationship value.

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