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  • Desktop Full Spectrum Color Meter (CMM)
    Desktop Full Spectrum Color Meter (CMM)
    CMM-01, CMM-02

    Rainbow-Light full spectrum color measurement instrument (CMM) can instantly display color L*a*b*, Delta E, Delta Lab, CIE X, CIE Y, CIE 1976 measurements.

  • Case 4. Handheld Full Spectrum Color Meter
    Case 4. Handheld Full Spectrum Color Meter

    Rainbow-Light, based on the handheld full spectrum color meter (CS-16), a handheld hand-held full spectrum color measurement apparatus and software for guest products.In the light of Rainbow-Light in application, can be customized to any form of full spectrum transmittance measuring instrument, using microelectromechanical (MEMS) and exclusive "dynamic thermal balance (DTE) technique, the micro spectrometer as the core and made. Spectral deviation of plus or minus 0.1 nm, stability testing data also fell in 0.04% within the standard, and adapt to the environment under the operation, is suitable for vibration environment, environment temperature changes (the applicable temperature range of -10°C ~ 50°C; 0.02nm/°C).The system can match the guest software for spectral measurement, reflectivity, color analysis, etc. measurement, application and analysis.Welcome calls from all walks of life to inquire about the customized service of our products.

Result 1 - 2 of 2